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Amazon DynamoDB

 Amazon DynamoDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service for all applications that need consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale. It is a fully managed database and supports both document and key-value data models. Its flexible data model and reliable performance make it a great fit for mobile, web, gaming, ad-tech, IoT, and many other applications.

More details at : http://aws.amazon.com/dynamodb/

Accessing the DynamoDB Streams Preview

The DynamoDB Streams preview is being made available in two different ways:

  • A preview version of DynamoDB Local with support for the DynamoDB Streams API. This is the fastest way to begin using the DynamoDB Streams API. The preview version of DynamoDB Local is available for download using these links:

    For information on using DynamoDB Local, see DynamoDB Local in this document.

  • A set of preview endpoints for DynamoDB and DynamoDB Streams. Access to the preview endpoints is by request only. To request access, fill out the request form at this link:

    For the preview endpoints, the following limits are in effect:

    • The number of tables per account is limited to 50.
    • The provisioned throughput limits are:
      • Per table – maximum of 50 read capacity units and 50 write capacity units
      • Per account – maximum of 50 read capacity units and 50 write capacity units
    • The ListStreams and DescribeStream API calls in DynamoDB Streams are limited to 10 per second.

    These limits supersede the “Provisioned throughput limits” and “Tables per account” items listed in the Limits in DynamoDB section of this document.

To obtain SDKs, DynamoDB Local, and other preview releases of libraries and tools, go to the DynamoDB Streams Developer Guide.

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