[Couchbase]: Free on-demand NoSQL trainings

Couchbase is pleased to announce free on-demand training for developers, admins, and architects.

And their online courses consist of lessons, quizzes, coding labs, and other resources that get you up to speed quickly on NoSQL concepts, Couchbase Server 4.0 architecture, and hands-on application development for web and mobile. Work at your own pace — and earn a Certificate of Course Completion when you’re done.

Courses include:

  • CB020 Fundamentals of NoSQL Data Management
  • CB030 Essentials of Couchbase NoSQL Technology
  • CB130j Introduction to NoSQL Application Development (Java)
  • CB140i Introduction to Couchbase Mobile NoSQL Applications (iOS)
  • CB140a Introduction to Couchbase Mobile NoSQL Applications (Android)

Visit Couchbase on-demand training page for more details or to start your free training now!

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