MongoDB DBA : Roles and Responsibilities


Roles & Responsibilities 

01) Defragmentation

02) Schema Design – working with Application/Development team

03) Query fine tuning 
04) Shell scripts for Monitoring like ‘slow queries’, replication lag, nodes fails, disk usage .. etc
05) Backup and restores ( Backups should be automated with shell scripts/Ops Manager)
06) Database Health check  ( Complete review of Database slow queries,fragmentation, index usage ..etc  )
07) Index rebuild
08) Upgrades (Java version, Mongo version, ..etc)
09) Maintenance ( Data centre outages, etc)
10)  Architecture design as per the Application requirement
11) Writing best practices documents for shading, replication for Dev/App teams
12) Log rotation/ maintenance ( mongos, mongod, config . etc)
13) Segregation of duties ( User Management – designing User roles and responsibilities )
14) Disk usage, CPU, Memory check Alerting 
15) Database Hardening ( Check in DBVersity for what is DB Hardening)
16) Designing DR (Disaster Recovery)/COB ( Continuity of Business)  plans as applicable
17) Database Profiling, Locks, Memory Usage, No of connections, page fault etc.,
18) Export and Import of Data to and From MongoDB, Run time configuration of MongoDB,
19) Data Managements in MongoDB Capped Collections Expired data from TTL,
20) Monitoring of Various issues related with Database,
21) Monitoring at Server, Database, Collection Level, and Various Monitoring Tools related to MongoDB,
22) Database software Installation and Configuration in accordance with Cilent defined standards
23) Database Migrations and Updates
24) Application of database patches
25) Capacity management
26) Hands on experience in Server Performance tuning and Recommendations
27) High availability solutions and recommendations
28) Hands on experience in Root cause analysis for business impacting issues
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