MongoDB Charts is now available in beta on MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB announced that MongoDB Charts is now available in beta on MongoDB Atlas.

MongoDB Charts is the best way to create, view, and share real-time visualizations of MongoDB data with no code to write, no tools to configure, and no data movement or duplication.

Unlike other visualization products, MongoDB Charts is built to natively handle MongoDB’s rich document structures. With MongoDB Charts you can:

  • Quickly create live visualizations of your MongoDB data in MongoDB Atlas or from on prem deployments
  • Assemble individual charts into dashboards to track key metrics
  • Analyze data of any type with an intuitive, user interface that supports the full richness of the document model including nested and hierarchical data
  • Collaborate, share, and leverage MongoDB Charts for ad-hoc data analysis
  • Democratize analytics and enable everyone in your organization to benefit from the latest data and insights independent of their location or skills
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