Oracle Vs Opensource DBs

Considering Oracle’s increase in their Li sense cost – the Open source databases like PostgreSQL & MariaDB can be partially replace Oracle in your some of your Applications/Projects. Please check the below comparison in their features.

We observed they both are good in the following features with some disadvantages like they don’t have direct support to some of below features but they’ve achieved by integrated with some third parties.

Multi-master cluster replication

Horizontal scaling

Cloud support

But both these products have advantages with many additional RDBMS features over Oracle, you can refer at MariaDB-vs-MySQL-vs-Oracle-vs-PostgreSQL &

MariaDB is little lagging in Security aspects compared to PostgreSQL & Oracle.


PostgreSQL MariaDB
Cloud  Support  Yes  Yes (beta)
Multi-Master Cluster Replication  Yes with xDB  Yes with Galera support
Horizontal Scale out   Yes  Yes


MariaDB Enterprise Cluster


Building highly available, enterprise-grade applications has never been easier with MariaDB Enterprise Cluster

The Galera multi-master clustering technology for MariaDB and MySQL neatly solves these issues by synchronously replicating updates to all the servers in a cluster, eliminating slave lag, and simplifying application architecture.

But Galera itself is not so easy to install, configure, and manage.


MariaDB Galera Cluster provides synchronous multi-master replication


Maria’s Horizontal scale out is :


qNo failover requirements – the nodes are all active and are all masters

qThe application can read and write to or from any server

qHorizontal Scalability (scale out) for both reads and writes

qAutomated online add node

qEasy node removal (scale in)

qNo application change scale out

qResilient to high latency networks

qNo data loss


 MariaDB Cloud Support

MariaDB 10 is the nexus for open source database innovation in the Cloud ageIt delivers greater agility, cost-effective scale and high performance to developers

The Cloud allows companies to provision and manage all these servers to maximize flexibility and reduce costs, and MariaDB fits right in.

We are working with cloud and cloud stack providers to insure wide scale availability in both public and private clouds.


PostgreSQL Cluster




EnterpriseDB releases xDB 5.0 with Multi-Master Replication

Release Date: Dec 11, 2012

Multi-Master Replication provides PostgreSQL administrators broad new powers to expand access to data while controlling costs


PostgreSQL Cloud Support

Yes. Like other open source databases, PostgreSQL is easy to run in virtual containers and is highly portable.

Many companies have support for PostgreSQL in cloud hosting environments, including Heroku, VMware, Engine Yard, Scalr, EnterpriseDB, and Red Hat.


Pros :

Cheapet in H/W Cost


Higher fault tolarance

Cons :

Complex to implement

Expensive to Maintain


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